World-Class Sculpture Master Jimo.

- Jul 04, 2017 -

The newspaper yesterday, the reporter learned from the relevant news conference, the Five China Qingdao (jimo) International Sculpture Festival will be held in September this year, related work to start immediately.

The fifth annual Qingdao (Jimo) International Sculpture Festival is sponsored by the Jimo government. During the festival, a group of world-class sculptors will be gathered at Jimo to exhibit a high level of sculptural art, which will be settled in Jimo Wangshan, where it will be created as a new landmark for the peninsula's tourism culture. At that time, will also be held in Canada Quebec, Prov. Brossede "Chinese fashion, ancient rhyme Jimo" in addition to cultural and art exchanges, such as the Special exhibition series activities, to show the "Jimo elements" of the overseas charm.

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