Why Do Many People Like Home Resin Crafts?

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Resin crafts as a decorative ornament is no longer a novelty. With the continuous development of technology, the 
manufacturing process of home resin crafts can be said to be getting higher and higher. The texture is also improving.
Why do home resin crafts are so popular?
Resin crafts is a new type of handicrafts. As its name suggests, resin crafts are based on resin as the main raw 
material, mainly consisting of carbon, sulfur and nitrogen, and more than three kinds of material atoms. Resins can
also be divided into natural resins and artificial resins. The popular resin handicrafts on the market are all made of
artificial resin as the raw material through mold casting.
First of all, we must prepare the molds that require finished products, then pour the resin into the body of the mold, 
do not need to go through the high temperature will be automatically formed, the molded resin crafts can do a very
realistic image, resembles natural crafts, according to the different molds can be made Characters, flowers, l
andscapes, animals and other resin crafts. And can be made into a variety of simulation effects. Such as: imitation
copper, imitation gold, imitation silver, crystal, imitation agate, imitation marble, imitation white
marble, imitation
mahogany and other crafts.

According to the shape and size, it can also be divided into small resin crafts and large-scale crafts. The general raw materials of small crafts are imitation marble materials and marble powder. Such crafts are generally suitable for indoor display, and the general raw materials of large resin crafts are gypsum powder. And so on, the hollow part inside can infiltrate some resin waste left over from the process of processing resins, and such crafts are generally used for outdoor environmental performance. Some small ones are some of our common home furnishings

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