What Is The Commonality Of Sculpture Art?

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Instead of putting a sculpture in public spaces, such as squares, parks, and neighborhoods, it can become a of public sculptures. Now a large number of centennial, kitsch, decorative, not only not to consider the audience's aesthetic taste, but also become flooded in the public space of visual garbage. Urban sculpture should not only embody the independence of public space, but also criticize the existing rigid aesthetic taste and cultural power discourse in aesthetic and ideological level.

In the the mid 1960s, Carl Andre, the American minimalist sculptor, had made a general overview of the development process between classical sculpture and minimalism into three important stages: sculpture as a shape, sculpture as a structure, sculpture as a place. In Andre's view, these three stages can correspond to classical sculpture, modern sculpture and postmodern sculpture respectively. However, we will find that, when the sculpture enters the modernism stage, the boundary of its artistic noumenon has undergone fundamental change, "place" or "venue" replaces the style and "structure" that modernism sculpture pursues. The problem lies in this, once the sculpture of the "venue" as the core of the art ontology, and no longer the personalized style and self-discipline of the form of expression as the main idea, the concept of the sculpture itself will be a revolutionary change, at this time also means that the history of modern sculpture will go towards the end.

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