What Are The Usual Maintenance Precautions For Resin Crafts?

- May 10, 2018 -

What are the usual precautions for resin crafts? As people's daily life is getting better and better, resin crafts are also very popular in people's homes to enrich family senses and enhance life style.

However, many people's resin ornaments will have more and more dust attached to them as the time for installation increases. This will have a direct impact on the appearance of the product. What should be done for this situation?

Most people may scrub with a soaked handkerchief or towel, but this method is not correct. The water molecules in the wiper will be easier to enter the pores of the resin decoration, which will affect its useful life. Therefore, when you want to clean, it is best to use a method without water, such as dusting with a duster or air gun.

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