What Are The Differences Between Chinese And Western Sculptures

- Jul 04, 2017 -

The differences between Western sculpture and Chinese sculpture need to be analyzed from several aspects:

First of all, the public is fundamentally different from them, in western sculpture practitioners are called sculptors, they are seen with painters, artists are in the same group, while in China sculpture practitioners are called artisans, their social status is low, only known as general practitioners, or even coarse workers. With the influx of Western sculpture, these sculpture practitioners are recognized, sculpture is listed as an important part of the art, the status of Chinese sculptors was promoted, only to increase the public's recognition of sculptors. This is one of the reasons why Western sculpture differs from Chinese sculpture.

Secondly, from the practical level, in modern times, although Chinese sculptors and Western sculptors are very similar in the form of creation, the social responsibility of both is very different. In China, sculptors are still part of the traditional division of labor, with the main responsibility of building statues for temples and carving stones for buildings. On the one hand, they do not have the free space of independent creation, on the other hand, their works lack the ability to intervene social reality in terms of performance objects and the space of works. In the west, in the "studio" free sculpture can be used to express their own view of the society, the work is not weak in the same time painter. The works of Western sculpture, which accept the order of the parties and profit from them, can enter into the public space of various modern societies, such as squares, streets and parks, whose works will naturally arouse public concern. This is another reason why Western sculpture differs from Chinese sculpture.

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