What Are The Conditions For Resin Crafts To Go To European Homes?

- Jul 06, 2018 -

Nowadays, the handicraft market is the show of resin crafts. When the resin crafts are welcoming its era, it also faces new challenges. People in the home market gradually like the style of European homes. The requirements for jewelry are also different. Resin crafts must start to develop and design in the direction of European home accessories.

Compared with traditional Chinese home decoration, the overall color of European home decoration mostly likes white, and because of the different regions, the theme of handicraft design is different. Domestic resin crafts mostly use animal as the theme. Cows, horses, dragons and other domestic common or legendary beasts, while European homes have different themes, although they are also based on animals, but most of them are based on animal heads.

The design theme of European-style homes will be more biased toward utensils. When it comes to utensils, the first image should be ceramic. In ancient China, ceramic utensils were used for home decoration. As the times changed, people became less and less used. The utensils are decorated. Since European-style homes like to use utensils to make home accessories, we should also understand European-style utensils in the design and development of resin crafts, and then design and produce resin craftsware that conforms to European-style homes.

In today's home market, whether it is resin crafts or resin crafts manufacturers, if you want to be abandoned by the market and the times, what you need to do is to quickly detect the changes in the market and the needs of the times, and timely research and development of products. The design has been adjusted accordingly, so that the resin crafts can meet the needs of the market and the times.

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