What Are The Common Home Crafts For Ordinary Families?

- May 10, 2018 -

What are the common home crafts for ordinary families? They are mainly practical, they focus on functions, and they strive to be beautiful. They combine functions and aesthetic requirements, such as pottery, wood, bamboo and rattan weaving. Made artistic processing to achieve the unity of practicality and aesthetics.

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Most of the arts and crafts are locally sourced, in accordance with the materials used, bamboo and rattan grass resources, cotton wool resources, marble resources, artistic processing, so that natural resources for people's lives and services.

The national folk arts and crafts are dominated by manual labor and mainly by the family sideline. The inheritance of its craftsmanship is mainly based on family generations. This enables various crafts and their products to have distinct personalities and unique styles that vary from person to person.

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