What Are The Characteristics Of Resin Crafts Now?

- May 21, 2018 -

The resin handicraft is a product of a liquid high unsaturated resin after being solidified, and is poured into a specific mold and cured to form a finished product after being polished, polished, etc., has strong plasticity, high transparency, can be poured and processed into various shapes, and can also be It is equipped with a luminous effect, transparent and opaque colors, etc. The biggest advantage is that it can also put a variety of metal, plastic, hourglasses, photos, and printing of various words and patterns in it. It is a variety of handicrafts, souvenirs, promotional items. The ideal choice.

Resin crafts are a class of craft products commonly used in modern office areas and home decoration processes. Compared with other materials and crafts, the main features are:

1, the resin process modeling ability is extremely strong, any shape can be produced, the performance of exquisite degree is extremely high, according to the requirements of design style / color / size;

2, resin crafts mold cost is low, hand to do development;

3, environmental protection and health, resin handicraft products are processed using environmentally friendly raw materials production, products meet European and American export quality standards, completely non-toxic.

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