What Are The Advantages Of Resin Lamps With Resin Lamps?

- May 21, 2018 -

Resin is widely used in building materials decoration, handicraft manufacturing, paint products. Resin lamps and decorative lights are generally used to form a variety of different shapes using plastic resin, and then install the lamps. Resin lamp is rich in color, shape effect is diverse, and environmental protection is natural.

Advantages of resin lamps 

1. Resin lamps have a great advantage in terms of price compared to many decorative materials. For example, wrought iron, copper art lamps, glass lamps, and crystal lamps range from hundreds to thousands. However, due to the advantages of cheaper raw materials and simple manufacturing processes, resin lamps allow resin lamps to win more consumer groups in terms of price.

2. resin lamp is not squeamish, good maintenance. Generally do not let it take too much weight, do not use high temperature roasted, there will be no problem. Even if it falls to the ground, it will not break easily.

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