Urban Sculpture Shows The Spirit Of Contemporary City

- Jul 04, 2017 -

To live in the present, we should consider the construction of modern urban public sculpture with modern thinking mode. As a city public sculpture designers should have such a comprehensive quality: not only to pay attention to the most contemporary forefront of the design trend. And can grasp the pulse of the region of the times, so that their work can withstand the time of torture, withstand the public's eyes.

Any country, a city, from the day it was built, began to form its own unique regional characteristics. This includes many factors, the foundation of natural geographical location, the accumulation of historical culture. The people who live in this region should be faced with a series of topics such as transforming nature, transforming society and transforming the relationship between people and people. And it is in this series of reform process, the society gradually formed a regional characteristics of the cultural system, especially in these processes to represent the whole social spirit of temperament.

The regional nature of contemporary urban spiritual temperament is not a simple text statement but a complex topic of sociology and psychology. In simple terms. It is in the contemporary context of this particular era. The unique social city spirit formed in the process of social development and transformation with distinct regional social bodies. Regionalism is the most essential element of a country or city that distinguishes it from other countries or cities.

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