The Street City Sculpture Year Long Scale Artificial Beautification Is Feasible?

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Most of the bronze carving cast, the artist should choose to paint, the color is based on the author or the needs of the work, some deep, some shallow. More time, to deliberately make a little rusty copper feeling, let the sculpture seems to shuttle the time, a little vicissitudes.

Some people have reflected that many famous sculptures in Shanghai have been eroded by rain and the damage is more serious. However, many artists think that the patina, a fresh sculpture will be with the surrounding environment of a sense of uncoordinated. The reporter interviewed many artists also said, if not like Huaihai Road "Call girl" that encountered the theft-style destruction, urban sculpture generally unfavorable overhaul large-build, with cloth wipe can. The rest of the things, left to the uncanny nature to "do".

Need scientific guidance

Bronze is a copper-tin alloy, which was made bronze as early as the 3000. Bronze sculpture with a large hardness, plasticity, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, bright color and so on. During the Renaissance, people had become accustomed to using bronze for sculpture creation and preserved it.

If it is indeed necessary, the urban sculpture management departments of the various districts and counties shall, under the guidance of the centennial of the municipal Planning and Soil Bureau, uphold the principles of old and new, and invite the professional departments to clean or repair the city sculptures scientifically in order to avoid some mistaken repairs and accidental injuries. Shanghai Bureau of Planning and Land and Resources Administration Centennial Department director Hou said in an interview with reporters, cleaning the city sculpture, there is no special operational rules of implementation. Now that the public has raised the issue, they will be able to comb out the implementation details within 1-2 weeks and introduce some new measures. At present, in accordance with the Convention, for Urban sculpture, Shanghai and the county has a two-level division of labor, the specific operation by the district level A of the cultural and regulatory departments of the implementation, the city level or attention to the overall planning of urban sculpture. "For the renovation of sculpture, from the perspective of ornamental works of art, it is possible to see the difference, the effect of the renovation is good or bad, I believe that everyone to the scene to look at the judge will have."

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