Texture Composition Of Sculpture Works

- Jul 04, 2017 -

In the traditional sculpture concept of sculpture company does not attach great importance to texture, it focuses on the nature of sculpture and the performance of Spirit, and modern sculpture company in the point of view of the expression of the form. While the formative elements are established, texture composition is a means of expression.

Texture is not the form of the cloak but the composition of the expression. It can be natural to play the sculpture materials themselves have a material texture and reverse transformation. It can strengthen the effect of texture by means of composition, or it can weaken the appearance of texture, and obey other methods.

The study of texture composition can be divided into the following categories:

Shan strengthen texture composition;

Shan Reverse Texture composition,

Shan contrast texture composition.

Strengthen the texture of the composition is to play the essence of sculpture material beauty performance. There are all kinds of materials in the world, each of which has its own soft and hard, thin and coarse, smooth and coarse. This peculiar texture is known to man from real life experience. As a sculpture should first play such a sense of material. For example, natural granite gives people a sense of hardness and roughness, which can be reinforced by the texture of such sculptures. The use of granite mass and rough surface to reflect the hard texture of granite, to strengthen the theme of the work.

The structure of reverse texture is the deepening of the essence of texture. The emergence of a new deep texture in the process of deepening. If the rock is hard, but given some kind of processing or according to some form of the expression of the idea, it will produce a completely opposite texture performance.

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