Share The Craft Level Of Resin Crafts With You

- May 21, 2018 -

Painted resin handicrafts, old resin handicrafts, three-dimensional painting resin handicrafts, imitation copper resin handicrafts, imitation silver resin handicrafts, imitation gold resin handicrafts, gold-plated resin handicrafts, gold-plated resin handicrafts, crystal resin resin handicrafts, imitation glass resin handicrafts, imitation agate Resin handicrafts, imitation white marble resin handicrafts, imitation jade jade resin handicrafts, imitation ivory resin handicrafts, imitation marble resin handicrafts, imitation pottery resin handicrafts, imitation mahogany resin handicrafts, imitation wood resin handicrafts and so on.

The resin handicraft is made of resin as the main raw material, and it is molded by moulds to make beautiful figures, animals, birds, landscapes, bonsai, reliefs, etc. with beautiful shapes and can be made into imitation copper, imitation silver, imitation gold, and imitation. Glass, gold, gold, crystal, imitation agate, imitation jade, imitation bone carving, imitation sandstone, imitation white marble, imitation jade, imitation ivory, imitation marble, imitation mahogany, pottery, imitation wood and other effects of the simulation of sculpture resin crafts .

Resin handicraft factory mainly produces gypsum, cement, magnesite, artificial sandstone, glass steel products. Portraits, Buddha statues, animals, fountains, flower pots, round sculptures, embossed, European components, artificial rockery, artificial trees, sandstone decorative art wall tiles, garden art, urban sculpture, ecological restaurant, landscape square, design and construction of large artificial rockery . Artificial stone bonsai, miniature landscape and scene production technology research and development and production.

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