Resin Products As Handicrafts Have A Long Tradition

- May 27, 2018 -

As a traditional craftwork, handicrafts have a long history of development. The concept of handicrafts is very extensive. Resin crafts are just one of them. Before the birth of resin handicrafts, traditional handicrafts were the most popular among handicrafts. , it has to be completed by human pure craftsmanship for each procedure. With the development of the era of science and technology, traditional handicrafts can not meet people's needs and standards gradually because of a series of reasons such as the product's materials and product appearance. The original problem has kept pace with the times and has become an important goal of traditional handicrafts.

The development of the times has led to the birth of resin handicrafts. This type of handicraft made of natural resin or synthetic resin gradually attracts many eyes with its unique charm. First of all, in the design of resin handicrafts, it is still the same. Continuing the design theme of traditional handicrafts, with the design principles of historical culture, culture and customs, plus the fashion elements of the modern era, we have designed and produced a new generation of handicrafts that are both traditional and culturally fashionable, while being made of resin handicrafts. The shape is no longer as simple as the traditional handicrafts. It is also one of the main directions of the simulation products for the resin handicrafts. All kinds of imitation copper, imitation porcelain, imitation jade and other products are also popular on the market.

  Although resin crafts are basically present in the current market, traditional handicrafts have not disappeared so far. For some old folk artists, traditional handicrafts are not only handicrafts, it is more of a historical and cultural one. Inheritance, although the design concept and style of resin handicrafts has always been the continuation of traditional handicrafts, so as the resin handicrafts grow and develop, traditional handicrafts also continue their own traditions in their own way.

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