Resin New Products To Cater To Customers’ Appetites

- May 21, 2018 -

The direction of new product development and issues that should be paid attention to, the development of new products of resin handicrafts must first have new thinking and use new thinking to explore and develop new products. New product development should pay attention to the following issues. The practicality of exploring modern society is relatively realistic. Resin crafts only have a larger market for people at home and abroad. Today's trend in the international market is to emphasize practicality, and practical and artistic products are more attractive to consumers. Favor, so designers must make corresponding design thinking on the shape and function to comply with this trend.

  Old Refurbishment Design Regardless of nationality, people will always feel at home when they talk about the rich folk customs and folk crafts in their hometown. Many of the unique folk arts in each place are topics that people talk about after dinner. However, due to the development of the times and advances in science and technology, these arts and crafts that are full of whimsy and wisdom may gradually fade out of the market in appearance, packaging, and production. We should fully tap the rich cultural heritage of folk crafts, and obtain useful design elements based on the needs of domestic and foreign markets, redesign them, and create lovable resin crafts with strong folk style.

Theme design around the theme design craftwork is to develop arts and crafts products for a certain target group or a theme purposefully and systematically. If there are many companies targeting the Olympic Games, use a variety of ways to represent the Olympic spirit and develop a variety of handicraft products suitable for the Olympic market. Resin crafts companies have to introduce the series of products introduced for various festivals in the year to fully reflect the characteristics of various festivals, such as the Chinese Spring Festival celebration auspicious, Europe and the United States Christmas blessings, Valentine's Day warm and sleek fashion and other characteristics, and cleverly put all kinds of The corresponding festival image and characteristics are reflected in the craft products. The target market for the theme design should be clear and targeted.

  The abstract variation design is based on the natural form. The designer fuses the human emotion and the understanding of the objective things into the shape and abstracts the abstract form. This abstract form of resin crafts should be cute, interesting or familiar, and it should be based on the needs and hobbies of the target customers. This deformation can be a simple enlargement, reduction ratio or partial abstraction.

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