Resin Design Process Ahead Of Other Furnishings

- May 27, 2018 -

The pace of the times continues to move forward, and people’s lives are changing with each passing day. For the production industry, we must keep pace with the pace of the times and continue to advance. Only in this way can we not be abandoned by the times and look back at how much The era has abandoned the industries that have been forgotten by the society. With the continuous development of society, people's requirements for things are constantly increasing. Many industries can no longer meet people's needs. Resin crafts are the best-selling decorative handicrafts and resin crafts in recent years. There are reasons why it can be loved by a large number of people.

  The origin of resin handicrafts is derived from other carving crafts, and its design theme is also continuation of other handicrafts. There are many different religions around the world. A large number of religious handicrafts are used in religious festivals and some religious ceremonies. Each type of resin handicraft involves religious subjects. Many tools and instruments are similar to agricultural production-related agricultural implements, vehicles, water transport and water conservancy equipment, and weapons. They are also objects of ceramic resin handicrafts closely linked with customs. In the resin arts and crafts, the counterfeiting of past utensils also occupies a large proportion.

The basic structure of resin handicraft design theme is very large, it involves society, history, culture, science and technology, aesthetics, art, psychology, economy and many other aspects. Traditional culture, folk customs, various festivals, famous mountains and rivers, local specialties and so on constitute an extremely rich design resource, and it is precisely because the design theme of resin crafts is closely related to people’s lives, making people look at first sight. There is a kind of inexplicable affection, and now the resin crafts are also trying hard to find different design themes and begin to shift to more fields.

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