Resin Crafts, Why Do All Kinds Of High-end Crafts Custom Make Much More Expensive Than Existing Gifts?

- Jun 04, 2018 -

A factory at any time will encounter customers to provide sample maps, customized products according to customer preferences. With the changes of various consumer groups, people's needs for gifts are also varied. Therefore, when the product was customized, the company did not produce the product. The number of customized products must be higher, which can reduce costs.

1. If the quantity is small, the cost will be higher.

Because a new product is to be engraved, engraving takes about a week or so, depending on the product. If it is the cost of a few products to open a model, the cost of the customer is difficult to accept.

2. Customized products must be tailored to the needs of the customer, so customized products must be paid in order to customize. In reality, I have seen a lot of similar situations. Many customers customize products to manufacturers and say that they only have one. The cost price is really high, and the cost of grinding a product is not limited. Therefore, the quantity required is greater and the cost is lower.

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