Resin Crafts Production Process

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Resin crafts are now a kind of handicrafts that can be seen everywhere. The resin crafts are made of resin as the 
main raw material, and are molded by moulds to make beautiful figures, animals, birds, landscapes, etc. in various
shapes and can be made into various kinds. Simulation effect. Common are: imitation copper, imitation gold, imitation
silver, crystal, imitation agate, imitation marble, imitation marble, imitation wood and other resin crafts. How are resin
crafts made?

First, to know the production process of resin handicrafts, first we must have a production of ideas, to clarify the following questions.

1. What raw materials are needed for production? How to make 
2, how to make a mold? (Is it good or good?
3, how to open molds for complex crafts? (Such as hollow, human sculptures )
4, the production of resin crafts need to buy what equipment?
5. How much is the finished product price of resin handicrafts and what is the market price?
6, resin crafts how to color?

Here we introduce in detail the production method of unsaturated resin handicrafts. The production process of 
unsaturated resin crafts mainly includes the following steps:

(1) Mould made of silicone rubber according to the shape of the resin handicraft (2) Add an appropriate amount of filler to the unsaturated resin and stir it evenly (3) Before pouring into the mold, add the curing agent and accelerant to the unsaturated resin, and pour into the mold after mixing uniformly: (4) After the resin is cured, it can be demoulded and the desired shape can be obtained. It is capable of pouring various modeling simulation crafts at room temperature. Its solid shape is quick, the detail is vivid and the craftsmanship is simple.

The above is a brief introduction of resin craftworks. It is difficult to say simple and simple. It is difficult to say simply because of how you see it. If you want to do resin arts, you must do it with care and attention to detail.

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