Resin Crafts, Breaking The Boundaries Of Traditional Decoration

- Apr 24, 2018 -

The home furnishings in resin crafts have broken the boundaries of the traditional decoration industry and have re-assembled arts and crafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, flowers and plants to form a new concept. Why do resin crafts break the boundaries of traditional decoration? Because resin crafts can imitate copper, imitate crystal, imitate agate, make home decoration material simple.

The types of home accessories have also changed from the former single type to the current one. From the material 
point of view, there are cloth, glass, ceramics, resin, wrought iron, etc.; there are murals, candlesticks, lamps, dolls,
and so on. Home accessories also achieve the unity of functionality and decoration. It is to bring greater convenience
to life, unity of viewing and practicality, and to make our life more comfortable.

With the gradual progress of the home accessories industry, large professional stores are gradually established. 
The Beijing Chengwai Art Exhibition Center, built by Beijing Chengwai Furniture Square and Shenzhen Art Exhibition
Investment Development Co., Ltd., is Beijing's first professional home accessories market, providing home
accessories manufacturers with a professional platform for product display and circulation. According to
Liu Shaoxin, general manager of the Art Exhibition Center, the Art Exhibition Center mainly gathered products from
more than 70 production bases in the
Pearl River Delta, Fujian and Zhejiang.

In addition to the Shenzhen and Beijing markets that have already started operations, sales and logistics bases will also be established in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu, which will bring these home accessories brands to the country. In addition to the art exhibition center, some home furnishing markets have also realized that home accessories have become a consumer hotspot, and they are striving to create a professional home accessories sales center.

Positioning is different from the orientation of the art exhibition center. Actually, the House of Life is living in a chain operation, challenging the department stores that once dominated the high-end home accessories market, focusing on high-end home products, focusing on selling high-quality home furnishings. Products. In the spacious store of Shangyuan Jinyuan Store 5000, many brands set up shop independently to create a vivid life situation and provide consumers with the most advanced experience-type consumer places.

The home accessories industry is now in its infancy. The market circulation is also tied to traditional marketing 
methods. The price of products is still relatively high, and the major systems in the industry market are not yet perfect.
Crafts have brought decoration to a new situation, but they say that the
industry system is still to be improved.

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