Resin Craft Gift Manufacturers: Taboo For Gifts

- May 10, 2018 -

Resin craft gift manufacturers: taboos for gifts, traditional, religious, and human beings must be careful, gifts must be sent to both sides are not easy to do it! Sometimes when you have a hard-witted gift, it is really awkward to displease the other person or even get angry because of breaking his taboo!

1. Sending too precious things to a friend who is still not familiar with it: The other person will feel that this person is not a person, and even suspect that you do not have a picture!

2. Send very private gifts to unfamiliar friends: For friends who are not deep in friendship, it is best not to send gifts that are “implicit”, such as personal clothing and ties. The former applies to close friends, while the latter makes people mistakenly think that you want to “stuck” him!

The gifts given to civil servants and teachers should not be too precious. Or, it is best to send them directly to the home of the other party at the time of giving gifts. Don't give a gift in the workplace to avoid suspicion of bribing someone.

4. Do not send something that will stimulate other people's feelings or taboos. However, people of the new generation do not have too many taboos to send “bells” or “umbrellas.” If you really want to avoid such unlucky homonym characters, you can ask the recipient to pay a dollar when you give gifts. It is he who “buy” it with a piece of money, avoiding the meaning of “sending bells” and “giving umbrellas.”

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