Modern Stainless Steel Sculpture Is A Real Revolution In The Traditional Concept Of Sculpture

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Modern stainless steel sculpture is a real revolution in the traditional concept of sculpture. The application of metal material and new processing means not only changed traditional art, but also changed people's traditional consciousness, subverted and reshaped the traditional sculpture's form idea, material concept and space idea, and pushed the formalism aesthetics of Modernism art to the pinnacle. But this is not the end, the stainless steel sculpture from the 80 's into the post-modern era of pluralism, postmodernism stainless steel sculpture is difficult to distinguish between the various artistic styles of the relationship, everything has become uncertain.

The only certainty is that the pace of human quest for truth will not cease, and in the constant self-denial and self-perfection, the art of modern stainless steel sculpture will go to a new beginning. 

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