Modern Sculpture Focuses On The Performance Of Iconicity And The Dynamic Characteristics Of Form

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Sculpture is carved, carved, plastic and stacking, welding, percussion and other means of making three-dimensional image of the art of space, it is a visual, can feel, can touch a certain amount of sense of the art form to express human thought and emotional and spiritual ideas. Sculpture gives people a considerable space, and therefore is called Space art. Sculpture, with its vivid shape and unique artistic value, plays an important role in creating environment, beautifying environment, decorating environment and reflecting the spirit of the Times.

People usually refer to the sculpture since 20th century as "modern sculpture", which is not only a time concept that distinguishes it from traditional classical sculpture, but also a new concept and method which is different from the view and tradition that sculpture holds. The design and creation of modern sculpture, usually the use of artistic generalization, exaggeration, abstract and other expressions, and the use of various new materials, innovative forms of innovation performance, making these sculptures unconventional, breeding a prosperous and diverse forms, styles and schools.

The most prominent feature of modern sculpture is the pursuit of "alienation, the backbone of traditional sculpture and the emergence of a diversified pattern." "Alienation" is from the differentiation of sculpture elements, a variety of new materials, new technologies in the sculpture in the continuous use, so that a variety of exploratory, experimental, deaf well Temple sculpture appearance, to the development of modern sculpture injected a cardiac stimulant. The other is to strengthen the external shape of sculpture, the negation of classical traditional form, the principle of negative content decision form, pay attention to the creation of unique visual art form, bring a new aesthetic feeling to the modern public.

Modern sculpture focuses on the performance of iconicity and the dynamic characteristics of the form. In the process of sculpture performance, the abstract performance can accommodate more connotations, more can express the human spirit emotion, away from the image close to the essence, make the sculpture more modern meaning. Modern sculpture, as one of the forms of modern art, has the common characteristics with other artistic forms, that is, to explore new forms, to achieve new aesthetic purposes, and to reflect new artistic ideas. At the same time, in the process of modelling, the external dynamic performance of the body is prominent, which is also an important feature of modern sculpture. Motion one is the work itself has a dynamic structure, the other is the work through the visual effect of the audience to create a sense of movement, or can interact with the audience, and the environment, to bring joy to the audience, and the environment organically integrated into one.

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