Introduction Of Paint Craft Operation Requirements For Resin Crafts

- Apr 26, 2018 -

The resin handicraft was originally a single color. The exquisite handicrafts we have seen not only experienced the manufacturing process, but also required a very high spray painting process. How about the molded resin handicrafts and spray paint is very important. There are many requirements for painting effects and operation skills of handicrafts. Below, we will talk about the operating requirements of resin handicraft painting.

1. It is a prerequisite for the quality of handicraft paint spraying to maintain the neatness of the floor, countertops, utensils, and measuring tools every day in the paint booth, and to maintain the clean and tidy paint spray room. It is best to be a confined space.

2, according to the requirements of the formula to accurately weigh all kinds of paint, add ingredients in the mixing barrel, uniform weighing, accurate protection of the product is a necessary condition for the small color difference, it is best to have a professional deployment of manufacturers, or rely on their own eyes, and then professional The painter is unlikely to reach the same color for each batch of products.

3, each kind of handicraft paint should have a dedicated measuring tool, do a good job of marking, said after the use of the day that water or thinner clean, and to place the provisions of the place.

4. Before painting, make preparations, clean the spray gun, filter the paint, and adjust the air pressure.

5. Put the product on the turntable shelf and blow the dust on the product with a blow gun. Then check if the product is qualified.

6. When painting, it is necessary to master the uniformity of the handicraft paint and avoid paint piles and sagging. After spraying the control sample, whether the self-test product is sprayed in place, whether it meets the requirements.

7. Before painting, be sure to keep the paint house, scale, measuring tool and beaker clean and tidy.

8. When using liquid materials, try to use high-precision balance or graduated cylinders. Solid materials must be called balance.

9. The first product must pass the quality inspection and pass the next step.

10. Wear labor protection products, open the dust removal equipment to make the air in the workshop open, and check whether the equipment and tools are in good condition.

There are many kinds of handicraft paints and handicraft paints, such as glass paint, antique paint, crack paint, leather paint, ceramic paint, outdoor paint, and so on. Choosing a good paint is also very important. The "operational requirements for resin handicraft painting" is briefly introduced here. I hope it will help everyone.

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