How To Prevent The Deformation Of Resin Handicrafts

- Apr 24, 2018 -

In the production of resin handicrafts and white billets, it is prone to bending deformation problems for pendant-type products. This directly affects the qualification rate of our resin handicrafts. This problem is caused by non-uniform internal stress caused by resin curing and contraction within the products, and ultimately leads to product deformation. How to avoid the deformation of resin handicrafts?

1. Select a resin with a lower shrinkage to avoid generating large stress and cause the product to bend and deform.

2、Reduce the amount of red and white materials, make the resin cure slowly to reduce the shrinkage, at the same time, on the premise of not damaging the product's shape and surface, stack the products after demolding to reduce the bending deformation.

3, now on the market, various brands of resin have their own characteristics, may wish to mix several brands of resin to take advantage of each other to reduce the amount of deformation of the product.

4. For large-volume, high-demand products can use insulation, accelerated after curing, to overcome deformation defects, the specific methods are as follows:

1) Make an incubator. The temperature inside the box is below 80°C. The temperature can be controlled automatically. At the beginning, the temperature inside the incubator is between 30°C and 40°C.

2) Put the products after demoulding into the box and layer them into layers. Press the top door with a suitable weight to close the door, hold it at 40°C for one hour, then slowly heat up and call at 60°C for 2 hours. Slowly increase the temperature to 80°C and incubate for 2 hours. After allowing it to slowly cool, remove the product.

5, in the case of product quality allows, you can increase the amount of filler.

6, increase ribs to prevent product deformation.

The above process parameters are reference values. Different products have different locations and sizes of internal stress, so the process parameter values will not be the same. If the white billet workshop is to be used, small batch tests should be conducted to determine the process parameters. After mass production again, to reduce unnecessary losses. By using these methods, it is possible to avoid the problem of deformation of our resin handicrafts as much as possible, thus improving the qualification rate of resin handicrafts.

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