How To Maintain Bronze Sculpture

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Maintenance Knowledge One: Environment

Maintenance of bronze sculpture The most important first is the environment, it is in the environment must remain dry and no dust and air pollution, etc. it is in the greenhouse temperature of the best control in the 18 24, humidity at 40%-50%.

Maintenance Knowledge Two: defense

We are in the maintenance of bronze sculpture, we must learn to defend some external harmful chemicals, such as: acids, chlorides and so on! But also in the movement of bronze sculpture when the porter must hand wear cotton than gloves can be moved, not let everyone directly touch the sculpture of the reason is to prevent the sweat on the hands of it.

Maintenance Knowledge Three: Clean

In the bronze sculpture to clean the time to avoid caution, be sure to use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the dust, for the sculpture some of the ditch is not easy to wipe the place with cloth brush or vacuum cleaner to blow away dust.

Maintenance Knowledge Four: Polishing

For a long time after placing and appear matte phenomenon of bronze sculpture, they do not wipe the test when the use of cloth wipe, to use a cotton-specific fine cloth gently wipe the test mainly to achieve the effect of polishing, but also to cast copper sculpture surface protection wax layer to get a new bloom. If you add some special polishing, it will be much better, but the material needs to be purchased before it can be returned to its unique color.

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