How To Do When The Household Resin Crafts Breaks?

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Home resin arts and crafts is a fragile item. Breaking and breaking is also a careless thing. It can only be thrown away if it is severely broken. But it is only a minor injury. What should we do to rescue broken home resin products? Home resin craftsmen teach you how to rescue them.

Epoxy resin AB glue, which is a two-component epoxy resin glue, not only has the high adhesive strength, high 
hardness, high chemical resistance of general epoxy resin glue, but also has anti-yellowing effect. It is moderate,
 safe and environmentally friendly.

1. A glue and B glue are coated at a room temperature (25°C) in a 1:1 ratio by visual inspection, or coated with a
glue on one adhered part, and the other adhered part is coated with B glue and then glued together before and
after - After 5 times of running, fix 5-10 minutes.
2, at room temperature (25 °C) A glue and B glue with a 1:1 ratio visually coated with plastic coated material
immediately after coating on the surface to be bonded, fixed for 5-10 minutes to basic positioning. (Do not mix a
large amount of glue at one time). The adhesive can be used after 30-50 minutes of adhesion, and can be used
in -60°C-100°C environment.

We can use epoxy resin AB glue to glue our home resin craftwork, but how can we stick to it depends on everyone's own craft.

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