How To Do Pores In The Production Of Resin Handicrafts

- Apr 24, 2018 -

The generation of blowholes will increase the workload of our blanks. In the production of blanks, for the slender products with complex structures or small grouting orifices, there are no vent holes at the corners where the vacuum resistance is large, such as corners. At this time, air holes are likely to appear, the cavity is clean and some of the surface of the product is exposed, and some are exposed after sanding. How to overcome the stomatal problems of resin crafts? please look below.

1. Call a thin resin or appropriately reduce the amount of filler added, so as to obtain a slurry with a relatively thin concentration, so as to facilitate drawing out the air in the cavity during vacuum and avoid the generation of pores on the surface of the product.

2, appropriately reduce the amount of red and white materials, so that the initial setting time of the resin is longer, so that when the vacuum, there is enough time to extract the air in the cavity.

3, check the vacuum box and vacuum pump, to see if there is a fault, to ensure that the vacuum in the vacuum box can quickly reach -0.1Mpa, in order to obtain good vacuum effect, and some handicraft production plants to produce difficult products using the first vacuum to - 0.1Mpa then put it to -0.07Mpa, and then vacuum to -0.1Mpa is not bad.

4, mold design for complex products or grouting mouth smaller products, should consider the problem of stomatal, parting surface design, corners, etc. should increase the design of the outlet in order to obtain a good vacuum effect, reduce the generation of stomatal problems .

The above is how we reduce the appearance of blowholes in the production process of our resin handicrafts. There are fewer blowholes, and our workload will be greatly reduced, and product quality will also increase.

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