How To Avoid Cracking Of Resin Handicrafts

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Handicraft factory in the billet production, after the product is released for a period of time after the mold release, 
the phenomenon of cracking of the product is called cracking. The white billet cracks, and the quality of the resin we
finally produce will certainly be affected. Severe cracking can cause white bills to be discarded directly. How to avoid
cracking phenomenon?
In actual production, there are two kinds of cracking problems: one is the cracking of the product in the demolding 
process. This problem is caused by the slow curing of the resin or improper mold release. The other is the crack that
appears after the product is stripped from the beginning, which is rare, but it is easier to produce if the product has a
complex structure. Everyone can prevent the problem from occurring in the following ways:
1. Select some resins with higher concentration. In general, when the resin production formula is certain, the resin 
concentration is higher, the solid content is also higher, and the product body strength produced will be
correspondingly higher.
2, improve the operating process. We can consider the use of slower curing resins, which
can reduce the internal stress of the product and avoid cracks. You can also refer to the part of the processing
method to prevent deformation.

(1), hollow products, set aside vents, in order to avoid high temperature due to the air pressure inside the product and the expansion of the product, the need to cover the bottom of the product can be cured after the product is sealed. (2) Silicone oil is added into the mold to increase the elasticity of the silicone mold to prevent the mold from being hardened and pull the product out of the mold. (3) Place reinforcing ribs in easily cracked places, such as: wire, bamboo sticks, and off-duty filaments, etc. to increase their strength. (4) When designing products, try to avoid the urgent solidification of the size. Corners and transitions should be adopted as far as possible to avoid stress concentration.

3, grouting or brush glass steel as far as possible to make the slurry even. 4. Adding 10% soft resin to the formulation can increase the brittleness of the product and reduce cracking of the product. 5, FRP products through the lamination of the latitude and longitude cross-laying method to reduce the shrinkage of the internal stress of the resin. 6, with the permission of formula and quality, increase the amount of filler properly.

During the curing process of the resin, volume shrinkage occurs. At the same time, since the curing of the resin is an exothermic process, thermal expansion and contraction will occur. In both cases, the resin will solidify and produce a relatively large amount in the interior of the product. Internal stress, in the product structure is complex, the size of the larger, thin small parts, it will produce cracks, cracking. We can start from the above aspects, as far as possible to avoid the cracking of resin craft white billet.

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