How Much Do You Know About Crafts?

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Crafts are essential for our home decor. Process materials can be classified into three types, molding materials 
and surface treatment materials, accessories and packaging materials according to their use. The following
household resin handicraft manufacturers will give you a look at the basic properties and characteristics of
unsaturated polyester resins.
Basic properties: Unsaturated polyester resin is a kind of thermosetting resin, which can be understood as a 
material obtained by polycondensation of dibasic acid and unsaturated glycol. It is usually stored in a stable solvent
(usually styrene). Unsaturated polyester resin can undergo radical copolymerization when it is under the action of
initiator (white water), and cures into an insoluble and infusible polymer network polymer. Accelerators (blue water)
are added to the production practice to increase cure speed.

State: Transparent, viscous liquid at room temperature. Or it may be light blue or light yellow due to different proportions. Inventory requirements: Ventilation, dark, 20 °C shelf life of about three months. 220kg/iron drum.

Common usage: In production practice, fillers are often added to improve the mechanical strength after curing, and the cost can be reduced within the allowable range. Curing process: The resin and the filler are mixed and mixed evenly according to the proportion. After being fully wetted, an accelerator of about 3-12 inches is added, which can be used as a pouring raw material. When the molding and billet injection molding worker is pouring, 5 to 8 ‰ of curing agent is added and stirred, and poured into the mold, and it can be cured in about 10 minutes.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Advantages: The product has good fluidity and can make complex shapes and patterns. With silicone molds, faithfully reflects the original author's artistic style. Can be cured and molded at room temperature, the product has good mechanical properties and is easy to process. Molding curing speed, easy to large-scale product replication. Disadvantages: There will be 2-4% shrinkage during molding; the cost of the blank is high, the molding and curing speed is fast, and it is easy to replicate large-scale products. Disadvantages: 2-4% shrinkage during molding; higher body cost.

Surface treatment is another process of production of handicrafts. It will paint the finished product and achieve a 
certain artistic effect. There are many methods for surface treatment, such as spraying, roller coating, hand-painting,
 soaking, electroplating, sanding, distressing, indentation, cutting, etc. The most common ones in the handicraft 
 industry are spraying, hand-painting, and soaking. The most commonly used household resin crafts are hand-painted
  and spray-painted surface treatments. Through hand-painting and spraying, the resin handicrafts are made into 
  different colors and shapes, so that a variety of resin handicrafts are made.

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