How Does Resin Crafts Highlight Its Role?

- Jul 06, 2018 -

In addition to some flower pots, you can also use some handicrafts to decorate the furniture corners. Decorative crafts, do not need to really go to the art factory to buy valuable real goods, to show off how high their taste, Xiao Bian feels that this is just a decorative mood, creating a relaxed atmosphere is the most important.

For example, some small pieces of jewelry sold in furniture and jewelry stores, the shape design is very cute, placed in some small corners, can also play a role in embellishment. There are also some similar decorative lighting, curtain buckles and other products, combining functionality and decoration in one, the effect is very good.

In the modern minimalist home decoration case, the commonly used furniture is wood color and black and white, and their styles are very simple, so the matching crafts do not need to be gorgeous, the temperament is simple and pure enough, just like the sailing crafts in the Ou Jiatun bedroom. Although the design is simple, the decoration is also very good.

How to choose resin crafts:

1. Choice of materials: The general price of wood products is relatively economical, the ornaments themselves are relatively light, and the wooden products will give people a primitive and natural feeling; ceramic products are traditional handicrafts with a long history in China, exquisite workmanship, but ceramics are easy. Broken products should be carefully maintained; metal products are structurally strong, not easily deformed, and relatively wear-resistant, but relatively bulky and relatively expensive. Choose the right product for your needs.

2, style style choice: decorative ornaments of a variety of color styles, but not casually chosen. Usually combined with the style of the space, the choice of style is consistent, and the color forms some contrast products, so the effect will be better.

3, look at the product's process: decorative ornaments have a lot of product types, generally the product structure is complete, no damage. The carving should be vivid and vivid, and the surface should be smooth; the pattern of the decoration should be clear and the color should be even. In short, the decorative ornaments are placed in the home to dress up the space, at least you have to look at yourself, will bring you a good mood.

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