How Beautiful Resin Crafts Are Produced

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Resin crafts are emerging handicrafts, with a promising market, great potential for development, and less investment
and quicker money. Foreign markets are also very good. As resin arts and crafts are extremely easy to consume,
the market demand itself is considerable. Do you know how beautiful resin crafts are produced?

Resin handicraft production technology mainly uses unsaturated polyester resin and various fillers to produce various resin products, together with auxiliary materials, and then it is molded by moulds to make beautiful figures, animals, birds, and landscapes Such as city sculptures, home decoration, furniture and accessories, photo frames, screens, lamps, etc.; and can be made into various simulation effects. The mold can be used repeatedly for thousands of times, widely used in relief, three-dimensional carving process, such as process lighting, craft murals, furniture, artificial fruits and vegetables, three-dimensional figures, birds and beasts, household craft fountains, craft photo frames, pen holders and large and small gardens carved Pots, body art clones and other art products.

Vacuum technology of resin handicraft production technology is relatively easy: as long as the conventional operation of producing white pulp, its bubble rate and rejects are reduced to the minimum; surface treatment is easy: without too much manual processing, the surface can be smooth and translucent, crystal clear, Easily achieve the "diamond through" effect that designers need. Resin gift production process (conventional solid), color art fountain production technology, water polo resin gift production technology, transparent resin handicraft production technology (transparent resin handicraft is a wonderful work of Boli craftsmanship, because of its unique design, appearance or crystal clear Or bright, or elegant.

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