Home Resin Crafts Surface Color To Pay Attention To What?

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Resin handicrafts are exquisite, plasticity is strong, and it is loved by people. Whether it is as an ordinary decoration, 
or as a symbol of ornaments, home resin crafts, are a good choice. How about the quality of the finished home resin
products? Coloring is a criterion for judging the pros and cons of resin handicrafts. The following points should be
noted in resin handicrafts.

First, before the product is colored, the embryo body must be dried thoroughly. The surface cannot have trachoma, 
particles and dust.
Second, the coloring of the product should be sprayed on the surface of the product according to the pre-adjusted
paint. The resin handicraft is generally chosen to be lacquer. The effect of this paint is best.
Third, use a professional paint brush to paint on the product, put it for a period of time after brushing, and then spray
a layer of varnish after the ink is dry.
Fourth, the painted pen after use, in order to be able to use normally next time, need to use a thinner to clean, avoid
 painting pen dry, affect performance.
The coloring of resin crafts is simple and difficult, and it's hard to say. The key is how do you color it. In the process 
of coloring, we must be careful. Because of the value of the finished product, most of it is judged by coloring.
Creative arts remind everyone that when choosing a resin handicraft, you must choose a good color.

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