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- Jul 06, 2018 -

Resin crafts have occupied a high position in the home. But there are still many people who don't understand it questioning it. Is resin crafts poisonous? I believe this is a concern of many people. Resin handicraft raw materials such as unsaturated resin and curing agent are corrosive. Therefore, resin crafts are toxic, but the material is toxic, and its toxicity and harm are within the scope of human acceptance. Parents like resin crafts, but know where the resin comes from? The following small series takes everyone into the world of crafts!

The resin is divided into natural resin and synthetic resin. Natural resin refers to amorphous organic substances obtained from animal and plant secretions in nature, such as rosin, amber, shellac and the like. Resin crafts ornaments are not harmful, the most important thing is to see if the paint used on it is environmentally friendly, and whether lead is in compliance with national regulations.

Any polymer that is a raw material for processing plastic products is called a resin. Resin is the main raw material for the manufacture of plastics. It is also used in the production of coatings, adhesives, insulating materials, etc. Synthetic resins are widely used in industrial production for the separation and purification of impurities in liquids due to various factors of consumption, environment and environment. The consumption power of most consumers has generally increased, and the variety of resin crafts is colorful and diverse. It can be used as a good beautification home in the home, and is deeply loved by consumers, so the market demand is great.

Resin crafts can be used in a variety of colors, of course, the color is determined by the quality of the painted pigments, most of the markets like wood, cartoon type of color, in the market, Mahok mud, Zijinang and other colors Popular with consumers. The newly designed rosewood is also popular among consumers! More and more common in home decoration, resin crafts ornaments are gradually becoming more and more popular among consumers.

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