Home Furnishings Five Eye-catching Skills

- May 21, 2018 -

The house is decorated. Choose some jewelry to dress up your loved one. How do you put the accessories you buy back in your eyes? Five aspects have to pay attention.


The size of the pendulum space is the basis for determining the specifications of the jewelry. In general, the size and height of the ornaments are proportional to the space.


The color around the jewelry placement point is the basis for determining the color of the jewelry. There are two commonly used methods, one with a harmonious color and the other with a contrasting color. The color that is closer to the placement point (the color of the same color) is the harmony color, such as red and pink, and white and gray. Yellow with orange and so on. The contrasting colors are those with strong contrasts, such as black with white, blue with yellow, and white with green.


The shape of the tool is the basis for determining the shape of the jewelry. The conventional formula is a square formula, round with round, but if you use the contrast method is more unique, such as red round formula, horizontal vertical, complex shape and shape description and so on.

Light combination

The position of the light is the basis for determining the lightness and darkness of the jewelry. We usually place it in a well-lit position. The color of the jewelry placed can be dark, and the light is dark.

Space combination

The function of placing space is the basis for determining the type of jewelry. What kind of jewelry should be placed in this space must consider the function of this space. Flowers can be placed on the table, and fruits and glasses can be placed. However, if the human body sculpture is placed on the table, it is unacceptable.

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