Home Furnishing Craftsmanship Tip 4

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Crafts in different rooms should also be different. The living room and study should choose a stable, elegant and 
culturally crafted product. Can also be combined with the personal occupation and hobbies to display, display
engaged in artistic painting, you can display your own paintings in the study. However, the bedroom is a place where
warmth and comfort are required. Therefore, some decorative paintings, fabrics and other crafts can be arranged.
When you place your handicraft at home, you must also consider the effects of lighting. Sometimes you can choose
the background of the backlight, or use the lighting of the space. Different lighting and different lighting directions
will make crafts show different beauty. Normal warm lighting will have a soft and warm feeling, shells or resin crafts,
it is more suitable. If the home is a crystal or glass craft, it's best to choose a cool light, which will look more

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