Custom Resin Crafts, Gifts Should Provide Several Major Points

- Jun 13, 2018 -

A manufacturer has always had its own main material technology since its creation. This is the concept of a company operating a company's products. It is equivalent to a brand. Therefore, during this period, the information provided by the customer will inevitably be received, and the number of customized products will be more. On this basis, when customizing the gifts, it is not when the products owned by the company are owned by the company. The client should provide several major points of information. In this way, we successfully complete the requirements of the client.

1.Provide product picture sample

By providing sample pictures, our masters can take a few detours, save more time, complete sample speeds, complete scheduled time earlier for customers, and cut into the topic for best production.

2. Product planning size

When customizing a product, customers should clearly tell the designer what to do, such as: length, width, height, etc. The specification design must be reasonable and must be consistent with the effect ratio you have achieved.

3. Product effect

After designing the size, because of a high-end product, the surface technology is particularly important, which is very important to your product's beauty and appreciation to other customers. No matter how good the product is carved out, no color is absolutely unsightly. So what kind of process effect is really important.

4. Package transfer gift box

What kind of packaging is reasonable for the design, such as: cartons, boxes, wooden boxes, etc. It is better to communicate with the manufacturers and achieve the best of both parties and hope.

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