Aesthetic Characteristics Of Urban Sculpture Art

- Jul 04, 2017 -

1. The specific nature of the environment

This is the primary feature of urban sculpture. A work is created for a particular position and cannot be easily shifted. It only pursues the artistic effect of not being in a particular environment. It must be combined with the space structure, the nature function, the mood atmosphere and the scale proportion of the corresponding place, so as to form the organic whole with the environment tightly.

2. Permanent material

City sculptures are to be stored outdoors for long periods, it is determined that the material used must be a hard material which can be hardy by wind. From the origin and function of the city sculpture, people just look at his permanence. The permanence of material materials is used to carry the permanence of the ideas expressed, and also to guarantee the permanence of the artistic image.

3, the connotation of the Times

Urban sculpture is often used to show some monumental themes and themes, it is used to express the idea that the society has a close connection with it. Thus playing a deep imprint of the Times, with a distinct era. This constitutes a figurative history. Through the history of the accumulation of many excellent urban sculpture works, can deeply feel the vicissitudes of the Times.

4. Viewers ' popularity

Urban sculpture is placed outdoors, most of it is public space, is the popular culture of the street. The face is a part of the class, part of the nation, different ages, different educational background of millions of people, has a very wide mass.

5, the particularity of the vision

The specific location of the city sculpture determines the specific visual distance and visual angle. Special artistic treatment must be considered, parallax, deformation, elongation and shortening of certain parts, the emphasis and weakening of certain parts, and some specific background influences the artistic treatment of works. The city sculpture works to withstand the illumination of the changeable light.

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