What is the difference between resin and plastic?

- Apr 27, 2018 -

What is the difference between resin and plastic? The following Huizhou resin handicraft processing factory to give you a specific introduction, plastic, as the name suggests refers to the plastic material. The main component of plastics is synthetic resin. The basic raw materials for synthetic resins are low-molecular-weight organics such as ethylene, propylene, di-diluted, acetylene, benzene, toluene, and xylene, which are mainly derived from natural resources such as oil, natural gas, coal, calcium carbide, and sea salt.

We add some additives in the resin to produce plastics with different properties to meet people's different needs.

Resin is a kind of phenolic structure chemical substance. There are many kinds of chemicals. It is widely used in our light industry and heavy industry. We often come to our daily life, such as plastics, resin glasses, paint.

The resin can be used as a necessary additive for various high-grade refractory materials, grinding wheels, cutting discs, etc.

Resins include general resin, advanced coating resin, artificial stone resin, crystal handicraft resin, SMC, DMC resin, winding resin, anti-corrosion resin, flexible resin, color paste resin, food-grade resin and other products.

Rubber refers to a class of high molecular compounds that have significant high elasticity, including natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber can be obtained from some plants. Synthetic rubber is a finished product made from butadiene, isoprene, chloroprene, etc. obtained from natural gas and petroleum gas, polymerized under certain conditions, and after vulcanization and addition of fillers. There are many kinds of synthetic rubber, among which styrene-butadiene rubber is a synthetic rubber with the highest yield and widest usage.

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