What are the sources of inspiration for resin crafts?

- Apr 27, 2018 -

What are the sources of inspiration for the production of resin handicrafts? Since the 21st century, business has begun to diversify, and handicrafts have also begun to transform into the home furnishing industry. Resin crafts occupies an unmistakable position in modern home furnishing. Traditional handicrafts and modern new materials have quickly attracted the attention of the broad masses of people. The creation resources of resin handicrafts mainly come from the following two aspects:

  1. People and their lives

Man is the spirit of all things in nature, and it is also one of the most performing subjects of resin crafts. Man's versatility in nature and society is a rich design resource for resin crafts. People have a rich life, there are a variety of appearances, from a variety of occupations to various colors of clothing, from beautiful girls to heroic warriors, all have a lively performance in resin crafts. People's feelings are rich, emotions, emotions and emotions are all themes of performance.

On the other hand, animals in the design and production of resin handicrafts are often given some of the ambiguity of human beings, and they have humanized characteristics. Some of the animal's characteristics are changed into human's character. The fierceness of the tiger and the mightiness of the lion have become a symbol of strength in resin crafts. 49 The relationship between plants and people is also very close. The plants that are often reflected in resin crafts include roses, Christmas trees, clover, etc., as well as seasonal fruits. Some of these plants are like animals and their growth characteristics are praised as a kind of human character, such as roses.

Since ancient times, people like landscapes and landscapes, and resin crafts with landscape theme are not ideal for modern homes. Most of these objects appear in relief works and are often used as backgrounds.

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