What are the principles of interior decoration?

- Jul 06, 2018 -

Every season has its own different colors, patterns of home fabrics, whether it is a colorful print, or a gorgeous silk, romantic lace, just need to change the style of home fabric, you can change the different home style. In addition, the hard lines and cool colors in the home can be softened with fabric. In spring, choose fresh flower patterns, spring is full; summer, choose fresh fruit or flowers pattern; autumn and winter, you can change hairy pillows, warm winter combination, let us look at the problems in home accessories layout Keep an eye out.

1. Arrange the home to combine the overall style

First find out the general style and color, it is not easy to make mistakes according to this unified tone. For example, simple home design, home furnishing with design sense is very suitable for the personality of the whole space; if it is a natural country style, Natural wind home accessories。

2. You don't have to put your home accessories out

When people are setting up, they often want to show everything. However, if you put too much, you lose your character. At this time, the jewelry of the home can be classified first, and the same attributes are put together, and there is no need to rush all the Korean furniture. After sorting, you can change the layout according to the season or festival, and change the mood of different homes.

3. Start with small home accessories

Small and medium-sized accessories such as ornaments, pillows, tablecloths, and small ornaments are the easiest to use. Beginners can start from these and slowly expand to large home furnishings. Small home accessories tend to be the focus of the vision, and more reflect the owner's interests and hobbies.

4. Symmetrical balance is placed reasonably

Combining some home accessories to make it part of the visual focus, symmetrical balance is important. When there is large furniture next to it, the order of arrangement should be displayed from high to low to avoid visual discomfort. Or keep the center of gravity of the two ornaments consistent. For example, two lamps of the same style are juxtaposed, and two pillows of the same color pattern are arranged side by side. This not only creates a harmonious rhythm, but also gives people a warm and warm feeling.

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