What are the home crafts ornaments

- Apr 27, 2018 -

What are the home crafts ornaments? The following Shenzhen Amilla Crafts&Gifts factory manufacturers to introduce to everyone. There are four main categories that you can refer to.

First, ceramic craft ornaments

Home ceramic crafts use unique design methods of ceramic art. It contains figurative, abstract, symbolic, metaphorical and other art forms. Its mature techniques, rich decoration techniques and unique designs are placed at home to create a perfect and elegant living atmosphere.

Second, resin craft ornaments

Resin crafts are based on resin as the main raw material, can produce a variety of beautiful appearance, vivid characters, animals, Queensland birds, landscapes and so on. Can be placed as a separate decoration in the living room, study, bedroom and other places, is a good choice for home soft decoration. Huizhou Zhaoliang has many years of experience in the production of resin handicraft ornaments. The company's resin handicraft ornaments use natural high-quality resin materials, hand-painted, and environmentally friendly. Beautiful shape, simple and generous, highlighting the unique sense of reason.

Third, wood carving craft ornaments

Wood carving craft ornaments are one of the favorite and collectible art objects. Wood carving craft ornaments can be displayed, placed on tables, tables, cases, shelves for people to watch. It can also be a combination of decorative, practical and artistic art. Products, such as lanterns, frames, pen holders, pen holders, jewelry boxes, piggy banks, and furniture carvings, have a certain degree of ornamental and practicality.

Fourth, mahogany craft ornaments

The mahogany arts and crafts sets practical, ornamental, and value-in-one. The long-standing, high-quality Chinese traditional mahogany crafts are treasures that Chinese and foreign collectors have always dreamed of. In addition, mahogany resources are limited, and the growth cycle is very long, and some up to several hundred years, so the rare and precious mahogany craft ornaments will increasingly have a unique charm.

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