What are the development prospects of art crafts?

- Apr 23, 2018 -

With the continuous development of social economy, the Engel's coefficient of each household is constantly 
decreasing. The Engel's coefficient is worth the proportion of total food expenditure to the total personal
consumption expenditure. Nowadays consumers have more money to use in dress up and decoration.
Crafts are an indispensable part of our life decoration. Resin crafts tell you the development trend of future

First, the traditional craftsmanship is integrated into fashion design, and modern technology produces beautiful and practical handicrafts that will be welcomed. Second, will be injected with natural, environmentally friendly materials processed crafts. Third, the price gap has widened and people will be welcomed for novel and unique crafts, even if the prices are high. Fourth, arts and crafts products and folk arts and crafts that can reflect regional, historical, and customary culture with deep cultural connotations will be focused. Fifth, the quality requirements will be higher. Consumers always have higher requirements on the quality of the arts and crafts, but will be higher in the future, in addition to aesthetics, exquisite is an important standard. Sixth, full of personality, a unique shape of the crafts will be welcomed by consumers, the personality of the publicity and personality performance is a new generation of important needs. Seven, a variety of materials to match, the fusion of art can make it into a trendy product. Eight, people's practical value of handicrafts is bleak, and will pay more attention to whether there is a better decorative effect, higher collection and preservation of value.

Resin crafts manufacturers believe that handicrafts will not decline in our lives. On the contrary, we will pay more and more attention to handicrafts. The market for handicrafts will grow bigger and bigger, but if we want to gain an advantage in this market, we must We must have a sense of innovation and make continuous progress.

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