What are the causes of water lines in resin crafts?

- Apr 24, 2018 -

In the rainy season, when the weather is humid, the production of resin handicrafts is prone to water veins, which affects the quality of our products. What are the reasons for the appearance of water patterns on resin handicrafts?

1, the air humidity, resulting in the curing of the resin during the air shrinkage into the mold cavity, the product 

surface of the resin curing inhibition, resulting in surface watermarks, sticky hand phenomenon.

2, stone powder is wet. The moisture in the stone powder enters into the resin, which has a destructive effect on the resin, so that the process of curing and crosslinking of the resin molecules is hindered, a water pattern is generated on the surface of the product, and the stone powder with serious moisture will stand for a period of time after being stirred and the layering resin will appear. Thickening phenomenon. 3, curing agent, accelerator quality is poor. Because the low-molecular materials are not desorbed, sufficient radicals cannot be generated in the cross-linking reaction, the unsaturated double bond of the resin cannot be activated, and at the same time, the water molecules are discharged due to the exothermic heat during the curing process. 4, the curing dose is insufficient, the curing of the resin is due to sufficient free radicals and resin unsaturated double bond cross-linked to complete the curing process. Since the amount of the curing agent is insufficient, there are few radicals generated, and the unsaturated double bond cannot be activated in large amounts, resulting in slow or incomplete curing and watermarking and sticking.

5 In the resin production process, a large amount of water-absorptive material is used, which causes the resin to easily absorb the moisture in the air and fillers and other substances, thereby affecting the curing process of the resin and causing water marks on the surface of the product. 6. When the temperature is low, the curing process of the resin is slow, causing the resin to soften after curing, water marks on the surface of the product, difficulty in removing the mold, and being easily damaged. 7. Moisture of the new mold body. Water vapor penetrates through the silicone rubber pores and condenses on the surface of the green body, resulting in water marks. It is recommended to dry or dry the new mold. In particularly humid weather, it is better to put the mold into the oven at night. 8, for the product of high or complex shape of the situation, can be properly selected higher quality resin to overcome or reduce the water mark defects.

9, in the lower temperature winter, hot water bath can be used to heat the resin, so that the resin temperature is 
maintained at 30-40 °C, this will improve the resin curing process, eliminating the easy to remove the mold, soft,
water lines, sticky hand and other defects. Of course, it is not ruled out that there may be a watermark caused by
the quality of our resin. Therefore, the quality of the resin should be particularly important when it is selected, so as
to avoid the occurrence of watermarks on the resin handicraft.

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