The resin market continues to introduce new products

- May 27, 2018 -

The domestic home furnishing market can be described as a changeable situation. In recent years, the home furnishing market has become increasingly competitive. From the Chinese-style home furnishing to European and American home furnishing and retro home decoration, the home furnishing market has gradually formed a three-legged situation, while the resin crafts It is the most popular home decoration in the handicraft industry. With the changes in the home market, the design and production of resin handicrafts must also meet and meet the needs of the entire industry.

 Resin crafts has always been the icing on the cake in home decoration. In order to be able to go further in today's three-foot home market, Yongda Resin has conducted in-depth research on the design and development of resin handicrafts for three different home styles. The three styles of home furnishings have their own corresponding products, such as European and American style home decoration, and there are a series of European-style jewelry ornaments such as "Dalutou" and "Ivory Wine Decoration" on the design of decorations. As for the traditional Chinese-style decorative or retro-decorated products, more research has been done. In combination with the principles of historical culture and modern fashion elements, the R&D and design of resin handicrafts has gone even further. All kinds of animal and plant ornaments are in the original. On the basis of some designs, modern technology and fashion elements have been added.

Home decoration in the modern society has become an inevitable requirement for people's home life, and resin crafts in the ranks of home accessories is increasingly more popular among the broad masses of people, resin crafts in home decoration can be a good finishing touch The role of home decoration can be a good expression of a person's quality of life, and resin crafts is also with its unique artistic atmosphere attracted people's attention.

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