The origin of the history of resin crafts

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Resin crafts can now be seen everywhere in our lives. Commonly seen are painted resin handicrafts, old resin handicrafts, imitation copper resin handicrafts, imitation silver resin handicrafts, imitation gold resin handicrafts, gold-plated resin handicrafts, gold-plated resin handicrafts, crystal resin There are dozens of handicrafts. Resin crafts are so magical. Do you know the origin of resin crafts?

The resin handicraft was discovered in 109 AD by the prime minister of the Qin Dynasty when Lv Buwei was
forging the world's first sword. He was found in the now-located cavern in the foothills of Linfen, Linyi, Shandong.
At that time, he discovered that it was only the raw material for the production of resin handicrafts. Lu Buwei was
 overjoyed that the craftsmen would It was carved into an eagle devoted to the king of Qin. This is the world's first
 resin craftwork. Resin crafts began to spread in the Qin Dynasty, and many ancient merchants began to excavate
  and search for the raw materials of this resin craft under the foot of the eight-footed mountain. When this raw
  material was quickly excavated, people discovered that the stone was carved by craftsmen. The cost is too high.
   It takes a few days to sculpt a resin craftwork. This will never meet the needs of the market at that time.
   By the time of 430 AD 300 years later, the clever Song Dynasty businessman learned to use silicone rubber,
   glass frosted powder, etc. Improve the quality of resin crafts, this process technology has been circulating so far.

Resin is a kind of ceramic material, but it is stronger than ceramics and easy to change pattern. Therefore, 
the resin products are far more powerful than ceramics in the type and appearance of carving. Resin has been
widely used in lighting, handicrafts, etc. The applied products are sold in large quantities overseas. The resin
crafts are based on resin as the main raw material, through the mold casting, made a variety of beautiful and
realistic images of people, animals, birds, landscapes, etc., and can be made into a variety of simulation effects.
The exquisite resin handicrafts can not only be elegantly decorated in high-end hotels, offices, and fashion
furniture, but also can be used as gifts for gifts between relatives and friends. In life, resin handicrafts are ideal
accessories for hotels, hotels, shopping malls, dance halls, office buildings and home furnishings. They are also
gifts for many people as gifts.

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