The manufacture of resin craftsmanship designs

- May 21, 2018 -

In the industrial product market, resin crafts can be said to occupy a more important position, but the bottleneck of arts and crafts design has emerged in the entire industrial product market. Today arts and crafts have been developed, and the audience for arts and crafts has been from the royal family and agrarian villagers. It is obviously unsuitable to use the traditional aesthetic concept in the face of such consumer groups to transform into the modern metropolis and the middle class.

  The traditional aesthetic concept is more conservative, and the visual effect it brings to us is relatively plain. Modern art pays much attention to the innovation of concepts, and the visual effects it brings to people are also very powerful. Guiding people's new aesthetic ideas in the design of modern arts and crafts will undoubtedly bring us unexpected visual effects. Therefore, the design of arts and crafts affected by certain ideas will certainly give us a fresh feeling. The design concept of R&D for resin handicrafts is abstract, the concept is very much, the concept can be chosen, and the idea can be innovative. On the one hand, today's design developers must design resin handicrafts that meet the tastes of the people. On the other hand, they must also update their design concepts and create modern handicrafts that reflect the characteristics of the times and reflect the level of our contemporary art.

Resin crafts want to occupy a dominant position in the modern market of handicrafts, it requires many excellent designers and practitioners, and handicrafts are not general merchandise. It is a practical artwork endowed with spiritual factors, so the resin handicraft industry The participants must have corresponding artistic accomplishments and aesthetic abilities. Therefore, designers working on resin handicrafts must possess a certain degree of aesthetic cultivation, and should also possess modern aesthetic awareness and design concepts. Only in this way can we create good quality for society and be able to An excellent modern handicraft representing the level of Chinese contemporary art and craftsmanship.

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