The linguistic elements of portrait sculpture

- Jul 04, 2017 -

1. Aspire is the "entry point". It's your intention to do "someone", what period, what state, what posture, how to compose, and so on. Since it is yours, it is different from others. At this time, the author is like the director of the search for photographs, reading, the removal of biographical articles. Through the spirit of conversation, communication and so on, form composition. At this time a large number of desk work is to solve the "conception" problem.

2. The new creation should be in the "creation". There is a good chance that someone has done a portrait of someone in front of you, or you may have used some form of creation. How to accomplish your own "someone" differently from others? Can only be new, or surprisingly. "New" Here is not necessarily trendy fashion, but the point you choose. Huge head? Slender body? Super realist? Exaggerated abstraction? Hazy freehand? Specific description? These all have a great "create" space and the possibility of surprise.

3, the material is nothing more than a few kinds of Tode, but people often ignore as the language meaning of material. Material language in the creation of the selection, emphasis and exaggeration has an important role. The solution to the difference between "Steel will" and "gentle" is to choose the material as the language. Not a good clay sculpture to think about material, not the use of a certain material must have a certain effect, not the material used in the United States has a material language, not to highlight the theme than to weaken the material. Only by solving these "no" can the creation be made possible.

4, the environment although many "masterpieces" especially "universal" characteristics, but the placement of these masterpieces are limited and regular. In turn, the portrait works that we create for a storage point should obey the limitation of this storage point, find its objective law, beat and integrate into creation. According to the light, time, stream of people, viewpoint, vision, humane environment and other factors, decided to take the means, methods and style. Targeted resolution of the restrictions is a prerequisite for the creation of immortal works.

5, space-time it determines the sculpture to appreciate the people into which time and space, which era, what background, what emotions, not tagged vague misunderstanding. In the same way, he decides what the author is going to tell people, how to evaluate the characters being shaped, to see their status, value and influence in history. Is the work of the modern world, or is it done by the predecessors, reflecting the author's own brand of the Times. The same characters, the shaping of different periods should not be the same, its age should be revealed. Even if it is "to do the old" treatment, even if the "integration of nature" pursuit, also shows the author today's good intentions.

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