The interoperability of sculpture and painting

- Jul 04, 2017 -

"Plastic painting is not divided", "Plastic capacity painting" is an important feature of Chinese sculpture. Chinese people do not pay attention to the distinction between sculpture and painting in the form of expression, and Chinese sculptures often show many of the same or similar factors in the form of painting. Song people Guo Xu in the "pictures and stories" said: "So far the painter has a light brush the picture, that the Wu outfit, Sculpture House, also have Wu." This is in terms of style, the so-called Wu-loaded refers to the painting on the "Wu Belt when the Wind," The painting wind, affected by the sculpture also appeared in this style of sculpture, in the statue of the clothing displayed. Qing people Yu Junming in the "picture sequence", said: "Wu painting, such as plastic, long buccal nose, fall into the face, not to mention the ink strong, the appearance of self-hing, its potential has not otherwise." If the plastic is to be painted, then the points overlap, and the nose and the zygomatic amount can be divided. "It can be seen that painters are also influenced by sculpture in depicting characters, and they are trying to pursue stereoscopic effects in the plane," he said.

There are many aspects of the mutual accommodation between Chinese sculpture and painting. First of all, in the color, ancient Chinese sculpture stresses "Luan" is generally colored. The West in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, sculpture is often painted, in the ancient Roman period gradually to the direction of not color development. Later, whether the use of color in the West has become an important difference between painting and sculpture. German art historian Mayo in "The history of Greek modelling art" that the ancient sculpture is only the preparation stage of sculpture, it should be excluded from the real sculpture, he thought that with the increasing artistic interest, "sculpture is increasingly discarded originally

It is not suitable for the gorgeous color, for the wise consideration, it only light and shadow, in order to give the audience a higher level of moist, solemn, clear and pleasant impression. Leonardo da Vinci in the "theory of painting" more directly pointed out "painting and sculpture comparison: A-sculpture lack of color beauty, lack of color perspective, line perspective." Therefore, Chinese and western sculpture in the use of color is different.

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