The expression of sculpture in the inner world

- Jul 04, 2017 -

From 19th onwards, a series of exhibitions of modern sculpture master Marlene in Mexico will be opened at the Chinese art Palace in Shanghai. Master Marlene's work this time in Shanghai, China, not only to show the ancient Latin American culture, but also with China's Millennium civilization exchanges, from China's ancient civilization to learn from the nutrition.

Master Marlin was born in 1963 in a small Mexican town, and on the basis of the influence of the ancient culture of Latin America, he skillfully mastered the techniques of Western sculpture art, the works mainly show the beauty of human nature. In the face of the contradictions between the commercial interests of modern society and the pursuit of art, Marin advises the young artists to find the balance, emphasizing that the most important thing for the creation of art is to express their inner world, so that the artist must have the meaning of expression. At the same time, he believes that artists play an important and active role in human society, and "plastic visual art is an exquisite interpretation of human society", calling on society to provide support for the development of artists.

Marlin likens itself as an artist to a "series of lucky improvisation." "The source of my inspiration is to live, to live, to feel, to think, to explore day after day." As creators, my goal is to promote a strong bond between culture and art.

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