Shehzhen Resin crafts manufacturers introduce you to resin-related knowledge

- May 21, 2018 -

Soft resin description:

Soft resin

The main advantages: Good flexibility, high strength, products are not easy to crack, gun nails do not crack and other advantages.

The main purpose:

High and medium-grade furniture wood carving and resin imitation wood decals, lines, frames, foot barrels and other furniture carving alternatives, to overcome the high cost of solid wood carving, low yield, easy to crack and other shortcomings. Artificial flower and fake tree production, advantages: good flexibility, folding constantly, strong simulation effect.

Resin classification and application introduction:

Epoxy vinyl ester resin

  Product Category Product Name Product Introduction

 Phenolic epoxy vinyl ester, high temperature resistance, resin casting HDT125°C, solvent resistant and oxidizing medium

 Phenolic epoxy vinyl ester, high temperature resistance, resin casting HDT145°C, corrosion resistance, suitable for making high temperature resistant FRP products

Bisphenol A epoxy vinyl ester, excellent acid and solvent resistance, high temperature resistance and alkali corrosion resistance, resin casting HDT102°C

Bisphenol A Epoxy Vinyl Ester, Toughness, Excellent Leakage Resistance and Sealing, Temperature Resistance Resin Casting HDT102°C

 Bisphenol A epoxy vinyl ester with good glass fiber infiltration, cast body heat distortion temperature of 115 °C, pultrusion special resin

Bisphenol A epoxy vinyl ester, good air-dryness, low shrinkage, good infiltration of glass fiber, glass mat, outstanding alkali resistance.

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